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Shortcodes: Infopanes

Show Important Information Inside Page Content:

[infopane color=»1″ icon=»0101.png»]This is included in this theme package. Shortcodes helps you to do website styling.[/infopane]

[one_half][infopane color=»2″ icon=»0018.png»]Good news note[/infopane]

[infopane color=»3″ icon=»0032.png»]I love this stuff![/infopane]

[infopane color=»4″ icon=»0049.png»]Some soft alert[/infopane]

[infopane color=»5″ icon=»0100.png»]Don’t even think about this[/infopane]



[infopane color=»6″ icon=»0182.png»]Key information block[/infopane]

[infopane color=»7″ icon=»0072.png»]Go ahead![/infopane]

[infopane color=»8″ icon=»0001.png»]Personal profile message[/infopane]

[infopane color=»9″ icon=»0086.png»]Timetable shedule block[/infopane]


Big Infopanes

Theme’s Color Infopanel

[biginfopane href=»#button» button_title=»Purchase Button» title=»20% off Special Spring Offer!»]Dear buyers, please come and buy our great theme with an great options![/biginfopane]

Use Your Own Colors!

[biginfopane color=»#F2560C» href=»#button» button_title=»Purchase!» title=»Today’s sale 100%»]Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.[/biginfopane]

[biginfopane color=»#80BC1E» href=»#button» button_title=»Purchase!» title=»Be better!»]Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.[/biginfopane]

[biginfopane color=»#686647″ href=»#button» title=»Get 20% off» button_title=»Purchase!»]Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.[/biginfopane]

[biginfopane textcolor=»#232323″ color=»#faf9ee»   button_title=»Subscribe» title=»300% Discount for WordPress developers!»]Your rates are determined based on whether you are selling items exclusively on the Envato Marketplaces and on your volume of sales.[/biginfopane]

[biginfopane color=»#46BFE4″ href=»#button» button_title=»Purchase» title=»Today’s sale 100%»]More, consectetur adipiscing elit.[/biginfopane]

[biginfopane color=»#E451A0″ href=»#button» button_title=»Purchase» title=»Get 20% off»]Sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.[/biginfopane]

[biginfopane color=»#DBF021″ textcolor=»#232323″ href=»#button» button_title=»Purchase» title=»Be better!»]Consectetur adipiscing elit.[/biginfopane]

Full Width Infopanel

[biginfopane href=»#button» button_title=»Purchase Button» color=»#CA2045″ full_width=»true» title=»Big big header sell 20% more today!»][/biginfopane]

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